It is impossible to practice as a lawyer without establishing steady relationships with your clients. This cooperation relies on our strong commitment and unfailing involvement in every matter we handle

Arnaud Blanc de La Naulte, PARTNER - paris

Employment Law, Social Security Law,
Collective Labor Law, Criminal Labor Law

Arnaud has a Master’s Degree in Business Law and a Postgraduate Degree (DEA) in “Political Ideas” from the University of Aix-en-Provence. He has specialized in Labor Law for over 15 years now. He was one of the 4 founding partners of NMCG in 2008.

He also provides training primarily to HR Directors, Managers, Employers’ Organizations, etc., on Labor Law (legal news and thematic training).

Arnaud is an auditor for the 67th national session (“Defense Policy”) of the French Institute for Higher National Defense Studies.

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The Law is a set of rules but also a convenient tool. We use this tool to service the needs of corporate officers in compliance with those rules

Laurent Courtecuisse, PARTNER - paris

Corporate Law, Bankruptcy Law,
Real Estate Agreements

Laurent has a Master’s Degree (DESS) in Business Law from the University of Sceaux, in association with HEC (Paris Business School). Prior to embarking on the NMCG adventure in 2008, he practiced as a lawyer with various mid-sized law firms. There, he gained hands-on experience in handling every stage in businesses’ lifecycles: from their creation, through their internal or external growth, to their winding-up.

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Public health is a sensitive issue that requires the Health Practice to handle clients’ matters with the utmost discretion and strong emphasis on financial risks and damage to reputation

emilie chandler, of counsel

Health Law, Defective Product Liability, Personal Injury Liability, Disability Law

Emilie has a Master’s Degree (DEA) in Substantive Law and another (DESS) in Health Companies’ Law. She was admitted to the Paris Bar in 2009.

Prior to starting her own business and joining NMCG to create the Health Practice, Emilie worked within an international law firm, and then with a business highly-specialized in Health Law.

Confident that Health Law does not only entail compensating personal injury, Emilie provides her clients with a cross-sector approach. She therefore advises both large groups in civil, criminal and administrative liability law, and individuals.

Emilie trains law students of the Paris School of Law. She also routinely speaks at Health Law and Liability Law conferences (national personal injury conferences) and wrote several legal publications for the general public.

She sits at the scientific committee of the lawyers’ national convention organized by the French National Council of Bars.

She presided over the National Federation of the Young Lawyers’ Unions and is a founding member of Cercle Rimbaud. 01 70 61 61 61
We trust there are no limits to our commitment to serve clients

Sonia Abodja, SENIOR - paris

Employment Law, Social Security Law,
Collective Labor Law, Criminal Labor Law


  • Master’s Degree (DEA) in General Private Law, University of Paris XII
  • Master of Laws in “Legal Careers and Criminal Sciences,” with a White-Collar Crime law option, University of Paris XII
  • Higher school preparatory classes (Paris International School of Business H.E.C.), Lycée Claude Bernard (Paris 16th)

Admitted to the Bar in 2009 01 70 61 61 61

Thomas Mélen - paris

Business Law


  • 1st year of Master’s Degree Business Law (University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne
  • Master’s Degree in Industrial Property (University of Paris 2 Panthéon Assas)
  • Paris Bar Law School

Admitted to the Bar in 2013

Miscellaneous:Lecturer in Business Law at the University of Paris Dauphine

Languages: English 01 70 61 61 61
We define ourselves as men and women of trust for companies and company heads

Étienne Delattre, PARTNER - Nantes

Employment Law, Social Protection Law, Criminal Labor Law (specializing in Employment Law)

Etienne  has a Master’s Degree in Law and Personnel Management. With a focus on Employment Law, he has been fully active in Labor Law matters since 2005. He acts both as an advisor and a litigator, exclusively on behalf of businesses of all sizes and sectors.

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As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the issues of companies and their corporate executives

Cyril Tournade, PARTNER - Nantes

Commercial Law, Commercial Litigation, Trademark Law, Real Estate and Construction

Cyril has a Master’s Degree in Intellectual Property Law. Recognized for his skills in Commercial Law, he advises his clients, including companies and company heads, on handling their litigation cases, business strategy, and trademark protection.

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Top-quality advisory services require an understanding of our clients strategic and personal challenges

Valérie Tazé, PARTNER - Nantes

Corporate Law, Acquisitions, Mergers, Restructurings, Fundraising

Valérie has a degree in Corporate Law (DJCE) and an LLM in Business Law. After working with large and mid-sized law firms in Paris, she now handles Corporate Law matters in Nantes. She has gained extensive experience and expertise in uncustomary legal matters, such as restructurings and acquisitions, as well as day-to-day corporate matters.

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A lawyer has to partner with companies throughout their development. He provides valuable insights to their growth management and assists them in overcoming the difficulties they sometimes meet

Olivier Castellacci, PARTNER - Nice

Business Law , Real Estate Law, Insolvency Proceedings, Commercial Leases, Contract Law

Olivier Castellacci was admitted to the Nice Bar in January 2005 and has been a partner since June 2009. He has a Master’s Degree (DESS) in Corporate Tax Strategy and is primarily active in Business Law, focusing on contract drafting, advising, and litigation, and in Real Estate Law, more particularly in Joint Ownership Law. For thirteen years, he was an associate within the same Nice-based law firm before becoming a partner in June 2009. In January 2018, he joined NMCG as a partner to increase the Firm’s national footprint and share the same values and code of ethics

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Our clients’ and trading partners’ trust entails that we provide high-value services and tailor-made assistance to opt for the best advice or litigation strategy

Claire Peroux-Liperini, PARTNER - NICE

Employment Law, Social Security Law, Collective Labor Law, Personal Injury Law

Claire has a Master’s Degree (DEA) in Commercial and Business Law. She is primarily involved in Labor Law and Personal Injury matters. For ten years, she was an associate and then a partner within the same Nice-based law firm. In January 2018, she joined NMCG as a partner to increase the Firm’s national footprint and share the same values and code of ethics.

English, Italian 04 93 62 23 73

Cécile Costiera Giamarchi - nice

Private Law, Liability and Insurance Law, Real Estate Law, Joint-Ownership Law  


  • Master’s Degree in Liability and Insurance Law (Institut des Assurances Aix-Marseille III)
  • Master’s Degree in Private Litigation Management (University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis)
  • Paris Bar Law School

Admitted to the Bar in 2015

Languages: English


cHARLOTTE souci-guedj - nice

Personal Injury, Family Law, Civil and Contract Law, Property Law, Real Estate


  • 1st year of Master’s Degree in Business Law
  • Master’s Degree in Litigation Management
  • University Degree in Personal Injury Compensation, University of Medicine in Nice

Admitted to the Bar in 2011

Languages: English, Italian


04 93 62 23 73
My priority is to bring high-quality strategic and human support. Due diligence and legal risk prevention are essential to mitigate our clients’ risk-taking and handle litigation matters proactively and successfully

Valérie Reynaud, PARTNER - Strasbourg

Business Law, Employment Law, Commercial and Contract Law, Civil and Criminal Proceedings, Arbitration

Valérie has a Master’s Degree (DEA) in International Business Law from the University de Rouen (Franco-British curriculum). For ten years, she practiced as a lawyer within renowned Paris-based and Strasbourg-based law firms. She created her own firm in Strasbourg in 2007, and gained extensive experience in Employment Law and Commercial Law, advising on sensitive cases, such as post-acquisition litigation – but also on liability matters (occupational accidents and professional liabilities).

She joined NMCG in January 2018.

Valérie represents her clients before State Courts and Arbitral Tribunals and is a teacher at the Strasbourg University of Law.

English, German 03 88 60 87 87

Olivia Klein, associée - nantes

Droit commercial, droit économique, droit des contrats, droit de la propriété intellectuelle et du numérique, droit de la concurrence et distribution