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Antigenic tests in companies
Employers may, under certain conditions, conduct testing campaigns with their employees. Étienne Delattre provides an overview of the main rules to be implemented in order to carry out these antigenic tests in companies.

Support for the company and the rebound strategy
A company can be confronted with different difficulties. There are different types of procedures allowing the company to solve its difficulties. Olivier Castellacci explains how a company can face these different difficulties and even how to benefit from them

Commercial leases and covid-19
Since the beginning of the Covid-19 health crisis, the issue of rent settlement in commercial matters has been a recurring one.

Warning startuper : social law for beginners
Nathalie Maire wishes to highlight the importance of labor law, even for small structures such as startups.
At first, this is clearly not the concern of these young entrepreneurs. Questions related to the choice of the structure itself, to intellectual property or even to tax issues are more obvious at first glance.

The tourism sector in social law
The health crisis has shaken up the tourism sector, particularly the hotel-cafe-restaurant (HCR) sector.
The State has then multiplied the complementary aids and other devices to help the managers of the hotel and tourism sector to overcome this pandemic.
Claire Peroux gives an update on the situation by answering questions.
Since the making of this video, many of these devices have been updated. Please feel free to contact us with your questions for more information.

What is the role of the M&A lawyer?
The business expertise in this area called M&A, or more simply, mergers and acquisitions, is in fact to help a client to : Declare interest in an investment, Study the first available documents (or deck), Draft a letter of intent (still called LOI), Audit the target (still an English word with due diligences), Draft accordingly the deeds of transfer and guarantee (or GAP). Of course, this is a simplistic view of the matter because the lawyer can be with his client who is not only on the buying side, but also selling or wanting to raise funds to ensure its development. 

Customer support at NMCG
NMCG specializes in business law (M&A/financing, labor law/social security, commercial law/contracts, criminal law, real estate, tax law, arbitration, public law/regulatory law, intellectual property and new technologies, health law, etc.) and has several offices in France. Our teams bring you real added value: our availability and our technical expertise in the service of a personalized relationship, to support you effectively over the long term.



Overview of the social jurisprudence
Companies in France have the feeling that when a prudhomme is launched, they are in trouble. Certain jurisprudential positions that are quite surprising lead to a fear of the company that is quite justified. The good sense of certain jurisprudential decisions can be questioned, Arnaud Blanc de la Naulte gives us some examples.


Loss of chance and Covid-19 in medical liability
Does the health professional or the health care institution systematically engage its responsibility in case of delay in diagnosis... due to the Covid 19 pandemic? For the past year, our daily lives have been disrupted by the health crisis we are experiencing. These difficulties are all the more increased for the people needing care because the hospitalization structures remain saturated.

Legal compensation for personal injury
This matter aims to allow accident victims, of all kinds, to obtain the best possible compensation for their damages. The assistance of the lawyer is essential from the beginning to the end, his role is not well known. Victims think at first that the lawyer is expensive and useless in the absence of conflicts. However, the initial intervention allows for a good preparation of the medical and factual file, to put the victims in contact with qualified health professionals, and finally, to assist in medical expertise and of course, in fine, to negotiate the compensation within an amicable framework or procedure in case of conflict.




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