"LE Loft"

A space on the Firm's ground floor is fully dedicated to business and client-related events.

This separate space of 70 sq m offers a place for meetings, conferences, seminars, and cocktail parties, but also for breakfasts, lunches, dinners or other business-related events with our clients.

To make the most of its potential, Le Loft is conveniently divided into several sections, i.e. a large, fully-equipped meeting table (videoconference, etc.), a pool table, a lounge, a kitchen, and a summer terrace. Entirely decorated by an interior designer, this space has a home-like atmosphere to it that inspires you to focus on your work or to relax completely.

We look forward to meeting you there!

Le cercle BY NMCG

Since its creation, the Firm has adopted a unique and innovating way of interacting with its clients, which is not only about resolving a one-time issue.

You can enjoy constant assistance and guidance in the long run, with a focus on forging long-standing and efficient relationships.
You will both benefit from and act on behalf of a network of collective expertise, both internally with our specialized lawyers, and externally with our friends, business partners, contacts, and clients, who will serve your needs with a mutual service-oriented approach.

This place where business players, experts, notaries, legal advisers, corporate executives, etc. can meet has a name:
Le Cercle by NMCG.

For this purpose, we now have a place that reflects who we are: Le Loft. With a surface area of 70 sq. m, it combines a businesslike atmosphere with a laid-back environment, where you can exchange efficiently and in confidence.

There, we organize:

  • Discussions between CEOs and corporate executives over breakfast,
  • Small-module training workshops,
  • Cocktail parties,
  • Small get-togethers to learn about the science of wine.

It is a place to exchange, to learn, and to relax.
Le Cercle by NMCG offers this complementarity and the combination of skills and services you need.