NMCG Avocats Associés is a French Law Firm that was created in 2008.

Capitalizing on their ever-increasing growth and the obvious human and business ties between them, CPL Avocats in Nice (Claire Perroux, Olivier Castellaci, and their team), Valérie Reynaud and her team in Strasbourg, and the Harold firm in Nantes merged with NMCG in January 2018. In doing so, the Firm expanded its domestic footprint throughout the French territory and is now ready to deliver specific and complementary services to a broader array of meticulous clients. Its focus is on meeting their expectations better, more rapidly, and more efficiently.

NMCG Avocats Associés now boasts 50 lawyers that specialize in every legal practice area and serve both legal entities and individuals with a cross-sector approach, which is unique in France.

In keeping with its track record and the structure of its DNA, NMCG Avocats Associés is deeply committed to the trustful relationships it has forged with its clients. The Firm also prides itself on its command of every technical aspect necessary to address all issues with a pragmatic, secure, and custom-made approach.


NMCG relies on a number of values common to all of its partners.

We apply and adapt our knowledge and skills to each of our clients, including companies, individuals, employees, local authorities, nonprofit organizations, property management companies, etc.

Each of the Firm's practice groups has particular know-how to deliver fully customized services. In this connection, our lawyers have all received highly-specialized training specific to the requirements of the practice group to which they belong.

NMCG provides both legal advice and court representation services to handle each matter from a comprehensive standpoint. This dual approach is essential to deliver consistent legal solutions.

Constantly adapting to a rapidly-evolving business environment, we spare no efforts to remain available and perceptive to our clients. We aim to anticipate their fundamental needs, while providing the responsiveness and dynamism that have become the Firm's key values.

As a human-scale law firm, NMCG provides each client with in-depth insights, tailor-made advice, and privileged attention to their case, from beginning to end.

In a nutshell, NMCG is a Firm where all competencies meet to serve a basic strategy: to service your needs.