Lawyer profile: Maureen Curtius

Written on
5 March 2024

More than 9 years ago, Robert Badinter himself, patron of my class at the École de Formation des Barreaux, presented me with my 17th prize. It was the end of 7 years of study and the start of my professional life with NMCG.

I knew I was joining a team with several other people. Little did I know, however, that I’d have the chance to work with people who would become true friends, sharing not just professional projects, but real moments in their lives.

I knew I’d have to plead. What I didn’t know was that, hundreds of audiences later, I’d still have the same desire to convince, move and persuade, while striving to find the right word.

I knew I’d be working on a variety of subjects. I had no idea they would be so varied, technical and exciting.

I knew I’d face obstacles and challenges. I had no idea it would shape my resilience and determination so much.

I knew that the law would constantly evolve. Little did I know, however, how much this would stimulate my intellectual curiosity and drive me to stay informed and up to date in my specialty.

I knew I’d have to juggle priorities and tight deadlines. Little did I know, however, that this ability to manage stress and stay organized would become an essential asset.

Over the years, I’ve watched NMCG grow and I’ve grown with it.

The Distinctions