Lawyer profile: Noémie Naudon

Written on
5 March 2024

The 100th edition… already!! It’s a great opportunity for me to go back 9 years, to 2015, the year we launched Actu NMCG: I joined the firm in June, with just 5 years at the helm… I’m 14 today, Counsel since 2020, but it feels like those 9 years have flown by at breakneck speed!

That said, there’s never a dull moment at NMCG, which is why I wanted to join Arnaud’s team (editor’s note: Blanc de la Naulte). I wanted a challenge, to work on a wide variety of technical cases, to do both advisory and litigation work… I wasn’t disappointed with the multitude of problems I encountered, each as exciting as the next! Just like on my 1st day, when having just arrived a few hours earlier, I had to grab my dress and head to the Palais to defend a case in criminal labor law.

It’s precisely thanks to this fascinating, rich and demanding daily, like the dossiers we’re entrusted with, that l’Actu exists… and will exist for at least another 100 issues, that’s for sure!

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