Public Law – Regulatory

The hypothesis, in France, is not new. It is even tending to assert itself with the omnipresence of the influences of European Union law, particularly in the context of highly regulated activities such as electronic communications, personal data, especially renewable energy, television, transport and health.

Understanding the regulatory environment in which one’s business activity takes place is therefore more than ever essential to ensure serene growth.

The department, managed in partnership with Romain Perray, accompanies public persons, their agents or companies in their relations, notably for the development of their projects, with administrations or organizations in charge of a service mission.


Bid analysis

Regulated sectors

Public procurement

Competitive bidding

The interventions
  • Public contracts: public contracts, public service delegations, partnership contracts, administrative long leases and complex contractual arrangements.
  • Regulated sectors: relations with regulatory authorities, primarily the CNIL, ARCEP, CSA and CRE.
  • Public health: delivery of authorizations and relations by the Regional Health Agencies.
  • Civil service: management policy for civil servants and contract employees, transfer of activities.
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