Lawyer profile: Olivier Castellacci

Written on
9 November 2023
  • How do you strike a balance between rigorously applying the law and finding creative solutions to your customers’ problems?

The added value of a business law firm lies precisely in its ability to reconcile the search for solutions with compliance with the legal framework. Our customers come with their problems, and it’s our job to find the solution that will give them legal security. This is only possible with a perfect knowledge of the legal texts, of which there are many, and an exhaustive knowledge is only possible by reconciling the multiple skills of each member of the firm.

  • What’s a typical day in the life of an associate? Which tasks do you enjoy the most?

The exciting thing about being a lawyer is that no two days are alike. There are always challenges to be met, solutions to be found in order to satisfy our customers’ needs. So it’s not easy to give a typical day… For my part, I arrive at the office early and take advantage of this “quiet” time when the phone isn’t ringing to reread my deeds or answer the most urgent e-mails. The job I enjoy the most: Closing… The final touch to a project with a satisfied customer.

  • In your personal experience, what are the main differences between being a partner and being an associate as a lawyer?

At NMCG, customer satisfaction is our common goal, whether for associates or partners. As far as I’m concerned, the fundamental difference lies in the management of the firm, which is the responsibility of the partner, who must ensure its development as well as its financial and administrative aspects. The partner commits the firm, and the adage “Trust does not exclude control” must be applied, so the partner must control the work of his team.

  • How do you progress in your career as a lawyer?

Through work and work alone…

  • Nice is renowned for its natural environment and pleasant climate. How does this affect your professional and personal life?

I don’t know how to answer a question like that… I was born in Nice, I live in Nice and I work in Nice, so it obviously has an impact on my professional practice. We’re lucky enough to work in a magnificent environment just a stone’s throw from the sea, which is a definite advantage and one we’d like to keep in mind.

  • Do you have a favourite object or lucky charm?

A lucky charm no, but a fetish object yes, it’s a stress ball… I use it sometimes, but not often.

  • What would you say to an employee to encourage them to join NMCG?

I’ll explain to him that this is a major business firm, with an international reach and a constant desire to expand and improve. He’ll have the opportunity to learn and work on interesting projects in a pleasant environment.

  • The legal sector is increasingly linked to digitization. What does this mean for the legal profession?

The digitization of deeds and documents is not only a reality, it is now essential to the practice of our profession. It fits in perfectly with our CSR project and our desire to protect the planet. It’s a revolution too, because it implies a change in our working habits. What’s more, it facilitates the mobility inherent in our job, which is littered with travel, hearings and appointments outside the firm.

  • What skills, both human and technical, are needed in this profession?

In my opinion, and going back to the first question, it’s essential to have real legal skills in the field in question. But that’s not enough: you also need a good memory and the ability to listen (a certain resistance to stress is a definite plus).

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