Reacting to an employee’s unfitness

🎥 How do you respond to the unfitness of one of your employees?

“Unfitness is the state in which an employee, victim of an accident or illness, whether of occupational or non-occupational origin, finds himself or herself when he or she is unable to return to the job he or she held before the suspension of his or her employment contract caused by this accident or illness.”

But what do you do when you receive an unclear or unenforceable fitness notice with reservations?

Finally, if you have dismissed an employee for impossibility of reclassification due to unfitness, but the medical opinion has been cancelled, must you reinstate this employee? Chloé Perez, an associate in the employment law department of Arnaud Blanc de la Naulte, answers these questions to enable you to have the right reflexes

The Distinctions